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Crafting  is an art that can take many different forms.

Woodworking, rug making, cooking, embroidery and decorative arts are all a part of crafting that are uniquely creative and require real skill. Even baking is an art in and of itself that can be used to save money, to create wonderful dishes or beautiful gifts to friends and family.

Woodburning, painting, carving, even boatmaking and cabinetry to some extent is a part of the arts and crafting that we do when we keep house. Small crafts or large ones, we’re all at some point actively engaged in crafting for fun, for profit or for our own purposes.

Crafting has been called old fashioned, it’s been denigrated as unnecessary and for the “cookie bakers” of the world. While that’s one way to look at it,  a whole new way to view it is that you’re able to exist on your own, to know how to accomplish things that may cost far more to buy, or to create things that may bring in a  new income and allow more financial freedom for you and your family. Cooking, baking, decorating, fabric crafting, woodworking and other kinds of crafts are–thankfully–making a comeback today.

Everyone is crafty to some extent.

Many people say they aren’t crafty.  They believe that they don’t have the ability, the creativity, the skill or the motivation to craft something. The truth is that they are quite likely craftier than they know.
If you have ever:

  • helped your child paint their face
  • create a costume
  • put up a picture
  • painted a fence
  • decorated a cake
  • sewed on a button
  • painted a wall
  • planted flowers or arranged a garden
  • hot glued something
  • fixed a hole in your favorite sweater

Like it or not, you’re a crafter.

Crafting is  a necessary part of every household to some degree, whether you’re making pickles or stitching a quilt, or creating a scrapbook of memories for your children and grandchildren.

pottery wheel

Children love to craft and to work with their hands, while adults find pleasure in the same thing and nearly everyone has that desire to make something at some point in their life. Older people enjoy creating something for a younger person and teaching them how to accomplish it too.

The idea of creating something from nothing appeals to everyone with any kind of artistic bent.  Most people love hand crafted gifts and the idea of saving money while making something that you put your heart into is an idea that everyone can get into.  From creating a low cost Halloween costume to designing a unique Christmas stocking, to creating a Yule tree ornament, you can find something here that will please you and make you want to take up a new art.

Whether you are a full time mom or dad, or you’re working full time and making a few things for your own pleasure or to pass along as heirlooms to your children, there is something to be said for taking the time to create something beautiful or utilitarian.

We’ve gathered original articles, items which have been given to us, and photos of crafts together in one place to offer you the best compendium of skills, instructions, free patterns, recipes, and other items that we can offer.