Make an Easy Bee Stepping Stone!

Your yard during the holidays may seem to look a little stark without the flowers blooming. Wouldn’t it be nice to perk it up in some easy manner? Well read the instructions before for a simple to do home made bee stepping-stone.

¬†All you need to do this project is a premade keystone-shaped paving stone (made of concrete), yellow and black outdoor paint, and one paintbrush that is either 1/2″ or 1″ in width. An inexpensive paintbrush is fine for this crafting item.

Wash the keystone and let it dry completely before painting it. The middle section and the small top section of the stone are painted black, while the other two sections are painted yellow. I paint the yellow sections first, when I do mine. As black will cover yellow easier than yellow will cover black where the two colors meet.

Put one coat of each color on and let the stone dry. Then apply a second coat to make the colors more pronounced. Make sure your paint is outdoor paint, as it will have a sealer added to it, so the paint will stand up in the elements. With my keystone, I let the second coat dry completely before lettering the words “Bee Happy” on the center black section. After this lettering dries the stone is ready for the garden.

Now, you could add antennas to this crafting project with wire, if you would like to the head, along with eyes and a mouth if you are so inclined. The keystone lends it shapes to other garden creatures such as using red and black outdoor paint to make the stone look like a ladybug.

Of course, other shapes of paving stones can be painted in the theme of whichever holiday you are celebrating in the same way. You do not just have to use these stones outside either, as they make ideal doorstops indoors. These make ideal home made gifts.

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