Tips for New Quilters-Quilting Tips that Work

quilting photoCreating quilts is not as difficult as it may seem once the basics are mastered. These include cutting the fabric and sewing the blocks into a quilt top and then assembling the backing, batting and top layers of the quilt before basting them into place. Learning to make a quilt for the first time requires time and some patience but the end results are worth it. Lap sized quilts are easy to make and offer the chance to practice the different blocks that are used in many larger quilts. Quilting tips can be found online, in magazines and at your local quilting or craft shop. Beginning quilters should select simple quilt designs that are easy to follow. The main reasons for this are to gain confidence in the basics of sewing quilt blocks and to complete a finished quilt in a reasonable amount of time.

Use a rotary cutter, mat and non-slipping rulers to cut your fabric accurately.

Before cutting, make sure the fabric is laundered and starched for ease of cutting.

Acrylic templates make cutting fabric easier.

Before sewing the pieces together make sure they are cut correctly by laying them out on a flat surface.

Keep the edges of the material even when sewing to prevent mistakes from happening.

Everyone has to rip out a seam now and then; it comes with any type of sewing.

Make certain to practice on a scrap piece of material when first starting.

Use masking tape to mark ¼” to the side from the needle when using a sewing machine.

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When aligning seams, make sure they are straight. Use pins to keep the material from sliding.

Check to make certain the right sides are together when sewing pieces of fabric together.

Be patient with yourself, quilting takes time and patience.

Double check to make certain you know how the pieces fit together to make the quilt top.

Check measurements carefully and make sure the edges of the fabric are squarely cut.

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