Holiday Scrapbooking for Children.

Some of the most beautiful and personal gifts that you can give will be made by hand. In order to allow yourself and a child to remember a given event, why not get them started early on creating scrapbooks of momentous events–or not so memorable– events in their life. Even if you’ve just had a few lovely days baking together, it can turn into a wonderful moment and one that you want to remember. Using some gorgeous paper and some small embellishments, you’ll be able to recreate the event for them to place in their new scrapbook.

Buy each child a scrapbook for a holiday gift. Base the things that you get in their scrapbooking kit on something that they particularly love. For example, I’ve got two beautiful granddaughters who are as into arts and crafts as anyone I’ve seen. Each of them has their own unique tastes. One is quite enamored with the colors of red, pink. b;lue and burgundy, while the other is very much in love with purple. Scrapbooking with kids can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. Let them start smaller or buy them a larger kit that is well stocked with the things they may want to use on a day to day basis.

Buying them colors and styles that they love is going to facilitate getting them involved in the crafting that will allow them to create their own pages and stories about amazing events in their life. Encourage them to create one page per week for a while, no matter what the page is about.

Buy a few embellishments, some scrap booking paper and a well built scrapbook. These will be part of a personalized scrapbooking for children kit that you give them as a gift. Make sure that you show them how to accomplish some of the smaller projects.

Take a few photos and design a single page that will help them to get started and show them what they are doing. No matter how tempted you may be to create all of the pages for them, don’t. Give them the opportunity to become creative in their own right. If you do it, they are your memories and your artistic creations. Children in particular love to make something–anything in fact, and to show it off proudly.Home made gifts are something that they will enjoy for their entire life if they aren’t pressured to keep it all neat and tidy and know that sometimes, some of the most fun things may not be completely free of clutter. Give them the opportunity to become the crafter that they are and don’t fuss overly about the mess. In the long haul, the things they make will give them–and you a lifetime of pleasure.

Get a little person started on crafting and watch the pride they take in designing and creating for you.

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