Repurpose An Old Dining Room Table

Most of us have mismatched, broken of incomplete pieces of furniture sitting in the garage or basement waiting for us to get up the courage to toss them in the garbage. Many times, individual pieces have served us well, but now they no longer seem to have a purpose at all. This may be because they are worn or simply due to changes in the décor of our homes. Neither one of these reasons should be good enough to discard something that can be repurposed and given new life.

Do you have an old dining table that is missing a leg? Maybe one side of it is scratched and ugly, but there is no reason to throw it out. With everyone thinking “green” these days, you should rethink any decision to add more to the landfill. There are ways to reuse even the most offensive looking items and turn them into works of art.

Speaking of that old table, is it round, oval, square, or rectangle. It really doesn’t matter because you are going to change its shape somewhat anyway. To reshape the piece, begin by removing the extension mechanism from the bottom side. This may be the only thing you have to do to get the best fit against a wall.

Now it’s time to sand, prime and paint it in the accent color you have selected. Once it is ready to use, you will want to screw a small piece of wood to the wall at the predetermined height to allow the table’s straight edge to rest in place. Screw the table top to this block of wood being certain to recess the head of the screw. Fill in the hole with wood putty, sand that down smooth and paint to match the rest of the table. A clear coat finish may be desirable, but not necessary.

If you do need to make some alterations to the shape remember, you can cut wood to any shape you want, and all you need to accomplish that is the right tools. If you don’t have the appropriate saw for this operation, asks a friend to help, or take it to your local cabinet shop, high school or college wood working shop and ask them to cut it for you. Most will be happy to help you out.

Once you have completed this project, stand back and feel proud that you have turned this otherwise useless piece of furniture into a console table which you can enjoy for years to come. Great work!

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