Easter Speckled Eggs

Have you ever eaten the candy speckled eggs at Easter and wished you could dye your eggs in a similar manner? The process isn’t too complicated and you won’t have to pull out a paint brush to make it happen. Instead, the process is going to be incredibly simple and the results will be amazing.

What you are going to Need

  • 1 Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 1 Roll Aluminum Foil
  • Variety of Acrylic Paints

Once your eggs have cooled, you can then begin to make these speckled eggs. First, grab a sheet of aluminum foil and then crumple it in your hands. Once you have it into a ball, you can uncrumple it and then apply a coat of acrylic paint to it.

Now, wrap your first egg in this piece of foil and then slowly roll it as you gently press the foil against the egg. This will give it a spotted effect. When that is done, remove it from the foil and allow the paint to dry. You can do the remaining eggs with the same color. Then repeat the crumple and paint process for each additional color you want to have on this egg.

You will now have speckled eggs that will be great for an Easter egg hunt. Just note that because of the acrylic paint, you won’t be able to consume the eggs later on. There are food grade paints you can use that will need to be thickened a little to work in a similar manner, if you want to have the chance to eat these eggs later on.

Overall, you should find that this will be a fun project you and your little ones can do that will ensure you have a blast when Easter rolls around. Best of all your eggs will be second to none on this family holiday.

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