Top Tips for Christmas Decorating;Ornaments

hand made christmas ornamentsMaking Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Some of the most beautiful Christmas Ornaments that you’re going to find will be the most simple and easy to make. Christmas ornaments are easy and fun to make, and can be made from nearly any kind of materials, from natural ones, such as dried roses and pine cones, to felt materials, making small mittens and other types of ornaments from the easy to use felt that doesn’t require much sewing.

If you’d like to make some Christmas ornaments, here are a few simple ideas for you to try.

*Cut out felt in gorgeous colors and add some batting. Sandwich the batting b etween the two mitten shapes that you cut out and leave a little showing around the edges. Stitch it together using a simple stitch and add some buttons, some cut out heart shapes or other ideas and then a hanger to hang them on the tree.

** You can do the same with snowmen, snowflakes and multiple other items, including small stockings that you can insert a miniature candy cane inside to offer to visitors to your home. Making Your own Christmas ornaments is fun and you get anything you want when you make it yourself.

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