Fresh Decorating Tips using Vinyl Wall Decals

Every year my husband cringes when summer time comes and I start decorating. Don’t we all want a fresh, clean new look for the summer? Money is never available for all the things that you really want to do and of course when you’re decorating you want to keep those costs to a minimum.

The new look is always an issue and trying to find something different is always hard. If you like to be different from your friends, if you are always looking for that special something to set your decorating apart, then do I have a special site for you. If you feel you want something different in your kitchen this year, then you definitely need to look at the vinyl wall decals that are available.

For the bathroom, I found these amazing vinyl wall decals of  little frogs with just a brilliant hue of green. They spiced up the room and gave me a smile too.

vinyl wall decals

Decals for your kitchen can set you apart from your friends and add a flare to your kitchen and dining room area.

winery vinyl wall decal

The special thing about these decals is that it doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home, these decals, if applied according to instructions will not harm your walls. They come in different designs and colors, so it is almost impossible not to find something you like.

The instructions to apply these decals are easy, even a child could do them.

Speaking of kids, lest we forget, there are some amazing colored vinyl wall decals for the kids room that you’ve simply got to consider when you are thinking about redoing a room for a child. Easy care, easy to apply and easy to wipe clean, these dinosaurs and their gigantic footprints were a real crowd pleaser.


The prices are so reasonable that you will be shocked and very pleased.

You may even feel you would like to order extra ones to change the designs during the year. Sit back with that morning cup of coffee, look at my favorite vinyl wall decal site and visualize what your bright and cheerful kitchen or dining room could look like, if you use some of these beautiful decals. Create your perfect kitchen and make it happen and see what wonderful remarks you will receive from family and friends. Check out Sweetums

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