A Thing of beauty is a joy forever. . .

It is our hope and our mission that Thatchery brings in people from all walks of life–men and women– to interact and to support each other, to share patterns, tips, to use a common goal–to create something– to give them a better understanding and to use their differences to make them stronger rather than to divide them.

Thatchery was born out of the divisive behavior and the foolishess that we’ve seen in the latest election campaigns, to be very honest. It was born out of a desire to show people who seem to be so caught up in words and phrases, in names and labels, in the differences between us, that we aren’t really all that different.

Thatchery.com isn’t an old fashioned site or a modern site, it’s not a liberal or conservative site, not a pagan or a Christian site.

We expect and hope that all of these people can work together, teach each other and enjoy the interaction. it’s a site that is easily used and easy to navigate. We expect and hope that it will be used by people from 18 to 80 and that you will interact with each other and learn from each other about the old fashioned arts that still have a place today.